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Your prayer requests will be posted here for people to pray about through the week and also during the Sunday morning service. To protect the privacy of people please use first name and Last initial only. Links to other websites require special permission. Prayer requests will be removed after 14 days.


Prayers for my sister-in-law Jenn who is in ICU having multiple seizures with no known cause.

Posted: Thursday 8/10/2017,

Kari L's Uncle Pete ~~ open heart surgery and many medical issues

Posted: Thursday 8/17/2017,

Linda R. ~~ remains in ICU with pneumonia and on a ventilator

Posted: Thursday 8/17/2017,

Please pray for her daughter Sarah, she has many needs that we are unable to help her with.

Please pray for my sister Cheryl that she receives a complete healing from her medical issues.

Please pray for my dad Jim that his hip fully heals.

Please pray for Bruce, Megan, and myself for God's strength and direction in our family struggles.

Thank you

Posted: Sunday 8/20/2017,
Lizabette V

I just started to go to this church have been in the past ill be there next Sunday God willing I have four prayer requests 1 to pray for my sister Linda whose has breast cancer and will be on kemo after Labor Day 2 for my step son who wants to end his life at 30 hes tried but not succeded still in hospital 3 for myself no job cause of medical issues hope to be on disablity i have no other choose 4 hopeful;y my 15 year old daughter will be in church she does believes in God.

Posted: Tuesday 8/22/2017,
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