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Your prayer requests will be posted here for people to pray about through the week and also during the Sunday morning service. To protect the privacy of people please use first name and Last initial only. Links to other websites require special permission. Prayer requests will be removed after 14 days.


Prayers for Brian recently diagnosed with Covid-19

Posted: Wednesday 5/20/2020,
William A

Prayers for Susan B. and family for the passing of Lance B.

Posted: Sunday 5/24/2020,

Please pray for my husband and myself we are stressed out financially as only my husband is working and we have to move our house from the spot that it is on and we have no where to put it due to the greedy wicked Harper's. We are trying to purchase a property please pray that we are successful in acquiring this property so that we can have somewhere to put our house and that the Court Marshall's don't pull down our house.

Posted: Tuesday 5/26/2020,

For Wendi. Single mom, special ed teacher for class that refuses to listen or learn, author/scientist, home flooded by storm, needs strength to persevere.

Posted: Wednesday 5/27/2020,

Lilli is in need of prayers once again, she had a rough fall this past week. Nothing broken but very sore.. She is still very confused.

Posted: Sunday 5/31/2020,

prayers for Terri, She is really down, with this depression she is having more difficulty in movement.

Posted: Sunday 5/31/2020,
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