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James Bindi

1. Money
2. Shelter.
3. To win lottery including diversity lottery.
4. Employment.
5. Long life and prosperity.
6. Blessing of my families both home and abroad.

Posted: Thursday 10/22/2020,
Diane F

Please Pray for my Granddaughter Nikki. She has an aggressive type of Arthritis which is causing damage to her back. They will be treating her with a medicine which will....not maybe....cause cancer. She is only 28 years old. Thank you in advance.

Posted: Friday 10/23/2020,

My grandson Mike, who is only 34 years old and has some very critical heart problems, not easily dealt with nor understood. Monday will see a specialist/scientist who hopes to find a way to help cure or control it.

Posted: Sunday 10/25/2020,

I pray God for the peace and the reconciliation between the white people, the black people, the latino people and the asian people in USA by the Christianism. I pray God for all Christians in the country are brothers and sisters by Jesus Christ his son.

Posted: Thursday 10/29/2020,

Mary Ellen

Posted: Friday 10/30/2020,
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