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Lizabette V

Got the news letter and on it someone wrote have not seen you in awhile hope everything is ok well my answer is yes it is the reason i have not been in church is because Ive been working the Lord has been good to my daughter and I shes fine Im working at the Dollar Tree in Amherst I pray and hope you do as well I stay at least till I retirer. God Bless us all.

Posted: Monday 2/5/2018,

My Aunt Nancy. Sick in the hospital after suffering a stroke.

Posted: Tuesday 2/6/2018,

Anne L

Posted: Thursday 2/8/2018,


Posted: Friday 2/9/2018,

We have a spiritual Camp (08.17-08.19.2018). To the Camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.

Posted: Saturday 2/10/2018,

Please pray for my mom Miriam, she needs peace and a renewed strength to handle a chronic illness.

Please pray for our daughter Sarah, in all areas of her life.

Thank you.

Posted: Monday 2/12/2018,

Please pray for my dear friend Theresa, going in for serious surgery tomorrow at 1.

Thank you.

Posted: Monday 2/12/2018,

Jim L’s sister-in-law Linda.

Posted: Wednesday 2/14/2018,

Prayers for My Son Ronald Maas as he goes through medical problems for Lyme or parkinson's

Posted: Thursday 2/15/2018,
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