Christian Education

MUMC Sunday school, Rally Day September 9th is the sign up day for Sunday school. Sunday School for the 2018-2019 year starts on September 16th using various teaching materials for children
Times for Sunday School: 9:35 through 10:25

Classes are available for children starting at age 3 and continuing all the way up to adults.

Youth Sunday School will be using, Whole People of God material...

Adult Sunday School meets at 9:30 at the end of the west hallway.

We will have an Opening gathering in the sanctuary on the each Sunday. We encourage all students, parents, mentors, youth leaders and any other interested parties to attend. During this time we will discuss some of the things that are being taught in the classroom.

Our goal is to come together as a community of faith to support the growth and development of all our members.

The Education Team
   *   Callie McMahon
   *   Jenny Lawton(2018)
   *   Kim Pfeil(2018)
   *   Lindsay Lambert(2020)
   *   Charles Savage(2020)
   *   Susan Drew(2018)
   *   Gerrie Hopkins(2019)