Education Team

   *   Callie McMahon

Current Committee members (as of January 2018)
   *   Kim Pfeil
   *   Lindsay Lambert
   *   Jenny Lawton
   *   Charles Savage
   *   Jerry Theriault
   *   Susan Drew

The Education Team is responsible for the organization and planning of Sunday School for children ages three through adult on Sunday mornings. Responsibilities include recruiting teachers, organizing class lists, ordering curriculum and supplies, teachers' meetings, etc.

In addition to organizing Sunday School, the Education Team also organizes special events for families. These events include the Fall Festival, Christmas Caroling and an Easter Egg Hunt.

The Education Team organizes mission projects often in conjunction with the activities of the Outreach Committee. These have included books and toys for GNIHN, backpacks for Bridges, Operation Christmas Child, and health kits.

Current Needs
The Education Team is in need of dedicated hard working volunteers to help continue the success of our Sunday School programs. Individuals with interests in planning special events are needed. Individuals interested in teaching Sunday School are always needed.

Volunteer opportunities & job descriptions
Children's Sunday School Worship Leader
9:15 - 9:30 am
Purpose of Ministry:
The purpose of the Sunday School Worship Leader is to share the joy of knowing Jesus Christ with our Sunday School children through morning greeting, songs and prayer.

To provide an environment for the Sunday School Children of all ages to gather and have a brief worship time together to share and learn about Jesus Christ before going to their age-appropriate classes for Sunday School lessons.

Singing: Select one or two Sunday School songs each week and lead the children in singing. They can be favorites or new songs that can be taught.
Mission Project: Talk about the purpose of a mission project. Discuss and encourage the children to work toward the current mission project as determined the by the Education team.

Birthdays: Recognize and sing to children that have birthdays in the coming week.

Offering: Have a Sunday school offering by passing the noise offering buckets.

Prayer: Quiet the children and lead everyone in a group prayer. The children are then asked to join in the Lords' Prayer.
Announcements: Make any special comments to parents and children.
Dismiss to classrooms by grade levels.

Related Gifts   
Love for children, willingness to share your faith with children, patience, creativity

Other Qualities:

Reports to: Education Team (Is a member of Education Team.)

Service Times: Regular Church Council meetings are held monthly with special meetings scheduled as needed

Length of Service:   Prepare for and service during the Children's Sunday School Worship gathering (9:15 - 9:30 am) each Sunday morning.

Grade School (K-6) Sunday School Team Teacher
9:15 am - 10:15 am
Purpose of Ministry:
The purpose of serving as a Grade School (K-6) Sunday School Teacher at the Milford United Methodist Church is to glorify God by provisioning grade-school-age students opportunities to learn more about the Christian faith and deepen their relationship with Christ.

   *   To teach the fundamentals of the Christian faith.
   *   To provide a loving, nurturing, learning environment that facilitates faith development.
   *   To be open and responsive to students' needs.
   *   To be responsible member of the Sunday School Team.

   *   Work among your SS team to schedule your Sundays to teach. Divide any responsibilities among your team.
   *   Plan lessons
   *   Present the lesson, using the curriculum and your own creativity.
   *   Ensure that students are helped with handouts or craft projects
   *   Help students learn to respect each other's contributions to the class
   *   Handle discipline problems as they arise and report any difficulties to the Education Team.
   *   Record attendance of your class
   *   Begin and end class on time
   *   Arrange for substitute if needed. This can usually be worked out among your team of teachers.
   *   Attend Sunday School staff meetings. These are not regularly scheduled meetings - only on an as-needed basis.

Related Gifts   

Other Qualities:   Love for children, patience, understanding of age group being taught, solid Christian faith, and ability to communicate with children.

Reports to:   Education Team

Service Times:   Preparation and teaching during your scheduled Sundays. Clean-up the classroom after class.

Length of Service:    Yearly, as nominated by the Committee on Lay Leadership

Training/Orientation:   While not necessary, it is most helpful if this individual has served at least one year in some capacity on Church Council.

Note: We have excellent curriculum that provides all the teaching materials needed. The lessons are understandable and include many ideas. Teaching is an excellent opportunity to learn with the children! We are all on this faith journey together!

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