Usher Coordinator/Usher

Purpose of Ministry:The purpose of serving as an Usher Coordinator/Usher at the Milford United Methodist Church is to glorify God by assisting with the logistical details of worship.
  1. To help both visitors and members feel welcome
  2. To keep order and handle emergencies during the worship service
  3. To collect offerings and keep them safe
  4. To establish an atmosphere conducive to worship

Usher Coordinator Responsibilities:

Usher Coordinator arranges ushers for each Sunday. Consider asking men, women, youth, and couples to usher.

  • 2 ushers for Spirit Celebration
  • 2 ushers for Traditional
Communicate the usher duties and responsibilities to each usher.

Usher Responsibilities:

Definition: An usher is one who escorts people to their seats as in a theater. They also lead and introduce.

Plan to arrive _ hour before the worship service. Put on your name tag!

Check the bulletin to see if there will be a baptism during the service. If there is a planned baptism, please move the baptismal font to designated area in front of the altar. Place water in the bowl in the baptismal font.

Welcome guests. They may be looking for the nursery/toddler room, restroom, Fellowship Hall for coffee time, etc. Offer to help by directing and answering questions.

Offer to assist guests/members in finding a seat. Meet the needs of the physically challenged.

Hand out bulletins and children's bulletins with crayons. There are two children's bulletins (3-6 year old and a 7-12 year old) for those children that want them.

Hearing sets and large print hymnals are available as needed.

Assist and prompt the acolyte(s) when it is time for them to light the altar candles. Light the taper that the acolyte will carry to the altar. Direct them to the altar at the appropriate time. (Acolyte Coordinator often does this function)

Take the offering at the appropriate time in the service by passing the offering plate by pew. Put money in bank envelope. (Spirit Celebration only - on Communion Sunday the offering is collected as everyone leaves the sanctuary by holding offering plates at the exit doors instead of passing the plate during the service).

Offer microphone during prayers and concern time.

The ushers should remain in the rear of the sanctuary during the service and should be attentive to what is going on in the sanctuary. For example:

  • Nursery or Toddler attendant needs a parent to come to the Nursery or Toddler room. The usher should kindly locate the parent and send them to the appropriate room.
  • Some items available for those in need during the service: small bottled waters for coughs, tissues for tears and allergies, cough drops. Available in a basket in rear of sanctuary.
  • If you notice someone is having difficulty, ask if you could be of assistance. If there is a medical emergency, call 911. (See emergency info below).

Emergency Info: There is a list of persons who have medical training and may be of assistance in if an emergency occurs during the worship service. The listing is located on the wall above the fire extinguisher in the rear of the sanctuary.

Headcount: Take a headcount of everyone. Do not forget the nursery and junior church children and leaders. Put count in the book on the window sill.

Pew Check: A quick pew check at the beginning of the service would be helpful. At the end of the service it is important to check the pews and clean up items remaining in pews. Return books to pew back.

Attendance Pads: At the end of the Traditional Service, tear off the attendance sheet from the attendance pads in each pew and hand to the Pastor before leaving.

Closing Church: Turn off all lights and lock doors to sanctuary. Check heat in sanctuary. If required get assistance.

See our Committee Contact page for more information.