Communion Steward

Purchase communion bread and prepare the elements on scheduled Communion Sundays. Clean up the elements and keep the communion equipment clean and organized. (Monthly)

Communion is held the first Sunday of each month. If there is a change to this schedule, the Worship Committee will be in touch with the Communion Stewards.

The communion equipment is located in the church kitchen in the cabinet labeled "Communion Supplies."

For each service the following will be needed:

  • Purchase one loaf of unsliced bread. Bread can be purchased or homemade. Please avoid bread with a hard, crumbly crust.
  • One bottle 100% grape juice. The juice will be provided by the church and is located with the communion supplies.

Prepare the elements for the altar.

  • Spirit Celebration:
    • Pour juice in chalice. Score the loaf in half and place on plate. Please have elements in place on altar by 8:15 am
  • Traditional:
    • Pour juice into communion cups and place in stackable trays for placement on the altar. (4 trays) Pour some juice into chalice (for altar display) Score the loaf in half and place on plate. Please have elements in place on altar by no later than 10:15 am (If communion method changes, pastor will be in touch in advance)

Place elements on altar and cover with white linen cloths. Cloths are in kitchen cabinet with communion supplies. See attached sheet for placement of elements on altar.

After Service:

Remove elements from altar and clean up equipment and supplies. Keep equipment/supplies organized in the cabinet in the kitchen. Cloths may need to be taken home and laundered/pressed and returned.

Unused bottle of juice may be taken home or placed in refrig for use during fellowship time. Please dispose of bread - a good suggestion is to take home for the birds!

NOTE: (Plastic Communion Cups) - There is a supply in the kitchen cabinet. When supply gets low, please let Marian Kopp know and she will order a new supply.

Spirit Celebration Traditional

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