Phase II Building Committee

Rob Metcalf

Current Committee members (as of January 2009)
Priscilla Abdinoor
Edie Hilyard
Steve Rafter
Brad Reed
Diane Jaquith
Rob Halstead

The Building Committee was formed more than five years ago to help grow the kingdom of God; to reach out to our community in Christian love. This committee of dedicated members has been responsible for finding the site for our new building and for overseeing all aspects of its design and construction.

The scope of work has included: Finding and purchasing the land, interviewing and hiring the architects, designers, and engineers; negotiating and communicating with needed organizations and community members; keeping the congregation involved and informed, working with the Trustees and Finance Committees to determine the financing of the new facility, designing the building, solving many unforeseen issues, determining a viable timeline, obtaining necessary permits, and overseeing construction.

Attendance at building committee meetings, special congregational meetings, town planning board meetings, and other church committee meetings, when needed. Involvement in Ground Breaking Ceremony, Awareness Gatherings, Major Event, and other building-related activities.

Fundraising for the new building has been organized by a separate committee but has been supported fully by this committee.

Current Needs (as of April 2006)
To oversee the completion of the building project; to keep the congregation informed of progress; to involve willing church family members in the finishing touches, once construction is complete.

Volunteer opportunities & job descriptions
Volunteer opportunities will arise as the building is completed. We will welcome help in the form of landscaping, gardening, painting and other specialty finishing areas that may not be included in the budget.

Purpose of Ministry: The purpose of serving on the Building Committee at the Milford United Methodist Church is to glorify God by competently managing the involved process of purchasing land and building our new church.

Objectives: To effectively manage the construction process for the purpose of fulfilling our church's mission and vision.

Activities: Bi-monthly meetings or as needed, Informational forums for congregation update and approval, ground breaking ceremonies, attendance at other related committee meetings.

Related Gifts: Knowledge/experience in the areas of architecture, environmental science, interior design, real estate, law, public relations, communication, and building process.

Other Qualities: Strong faith, patience, perseverance, courage, and organizational skills.

Reports to: Congregation, Pastor, Church Council, Trustees and Finance Committees.

Service Times: N/A

Length of Service: 5+ Years

Training/Orientation: On the job training, past experience in areas mentioned above.

See our Committee Contact page for more information.